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What Sets Us Apart


47 Bakery

47 Bakery’s origin story begins with the significance of the number 47; a number that encapsulates the essence of family, tradition, and inspiration. Léon Speth, founder of the company, chose to honor his grandfather's birth year, 1947.


In 2017, Léon embarked on the adventure of a lifetime by moving from Alsace, France to the United States. Despite the distance, the importance of family fueled his determination to maintain his cultural heritage. As a result, 47 Bakery was formed with fusion of French and German traditions.

Our mission revolves around the artistry of baking, using the finest ingredients and innovative techniques. We offer Residential Retail Delivery, Catering, and set up booths at Special Events and Farmer’s Market’s across the state of Colorado.

Léon's ongoing commitment and determination derives meaning from his wife, and the collective happiness they share in raising their two young boys. As a united force, their commitment to family values has been the cornerstone to propel the enterprise forward.


Engaging with our business means becoming a part of this journey. Your purchase isn't just a transaction; it's a contribution to a family's story, a celebration of tradition, and an embodiment of inspiration. We extend our deepest gratitude for supporting local small businesses like ours.


In doing so, you become a vital thread in our narrative, allowing us to continue sharing the essence of family, tradition, and inspiration with the world.


47 Bakery

Bringing 47 Bakery to your home.

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